The Magical Journey Behind White Cloud Decor

Welcome to White Cloud Decor – where every celebration is an enchanting story waiting to unfold. We are husband and wife duo, Alex and Sora, the creative minds behind this company, and our journey began with a magical proposal that set the stage for something extraordinary.

Owners Alex and Sora wearing business attire sitting together on a bench for the about us page.
Baby shower balloon decorating services with pink and white balloon arch, floral backdrop, and 'baby' sign set against an urban skyline .
A valentine's day themed room decorated with red and pink balloons, "xo" and "love" signs, and rose petals.
After I proposed to my now wife, that special moment became a talking point among friends and family. The enchanting decor that adorned our proposal sparked a wave of inquiries, with many curious people eager to know the secret behind the mesmerizing ambiance.

Driven by the desire to share our passion for creating unforgettable moments, we decided to channel our creativity into White Cloud Decor.

Specializing in proposals, baby showers, gender reveals, birthday parties, corporate events and custom dates, we pour our hearts into crafting unique experiences that reflect the essence of each celebration.
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Baby Showers and
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Custom Events
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Our journey is not just about decorating events; it’s about turning dreams into reality and weaving tales of joy and celebration.

Join us in bringing your vision to life, and let's create magic together at White Cloud Decor.

A baby shower diaper cake with a "it's a girl!" topper, adorned with pink ribbons and decorations.


Your Path to Memorable Moments

Choose White Cloud Decor for an unparalleled blend of elegance and personalization. Our commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and impeccable service transforms your vision into reality, ensuring each event is as unique and memorable as you are. Elevate your celebrations with us.
A vibrant setup for valentine's day featuring pink tulips, heart-shaped decorations, and a red candle with matching glassware.

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Begin your journey by reaching out to us. Let’s start planning your perfect event.

A personalized red balloon with "nathan & chriselle valentines '24" written on it, surrounded by white balloons with heart patterns, with a framed photo and valentine-themed decorations in the background by White Cloud Event Decorators.

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Begin your journey by reaching out to us. Let’s start planning your perfect event.
A pink-themed baby shower backdrop with balloon decorations and a floral arrangement.

Celebrate Success

Experience the joy and satisfaction of hosting an event that will be remembered for years to come.

Client Testimonials

Sophie and Joon

Out did my expectations 100%

I would have never been able to pull this off for Sophie without the help and expertise of White Cloud Decor

Kaitlin Ricardo

The perfect baby shower!

My dream baby shower was turned into a reality thanks to White Cloud Decor. They were professional, stress free and AMAZING!

Chriselle Dwarika

Love the custom touch!

"We love what you guys did to our living room + the personalized balloons for our anniversary!